Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Custom Chandelier

Spray painting fixtures is not a new idea.  You'll find tons of inspiration from print to internet but there is still a sense of pride when you finally do it yourself. 
I had purchased a builder's grade brass fixture from Habitat ReStore so long ago I don't even remember when I got it.  I found it in the attic a while back and got excited about the possibilities all over again!  I was doubly excited to see that I had only paid $5 for it.  I had been looking online for a reasonably priced chandelier for my daughter's room without success.  Nothing really fit her or the direction we were going.   Now, all I had to do was not mess it up!

I started by using a gray spray primer on the fixture, making sure that the electrical was well covered.  After the first coat had dried I followed up with some matte black spray paint that I had on hand.  Unfortunately, I didn't have enough so I had to spring for another 99 cent can.  I also bought some additional candle covers since my chandelier was missing several, a can of ivory satin spray paint and some cheapo paint brushes for the custom part of the project.

The candles got a little embellishment to make them match and look less cheap.  I applied some hot glue in a dripping wax look then sprayed them with the ivory paint.  Little tip, place the candles on a stick for spraying.  Those little guys are so light weight they were falling over from the force of the paint spray.  I laid the stick across a couple of lawn chairs while the candles dried.

Finally, we come to the artistic part.  The part I was sure wouldn't turn out the way I imagined.  I used some acrylics that I had in my art box...hahaha, makes me sound like a real crafter.  I painted some blue birds perched on a simple branch with a few leaves.  It was a lot harder than I was anticipating.  Good thing the acrylic paint wiped off easily because it took me a few tries to get something that looked like a bird.  I was right, I'm not an artist, but the primitive paint job doesn't look too bad.  My bird-crazy daughter thought it was wonderful, which is what really mattered.  Helps that she's seven!

                                    The uninspiring "Before"

                                       Much better "After"

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